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The legendary Bushman MONOPOD goes PRO. Yes, we have completely redesigned each element of the monopod to cover the most demanding mounting solutions. We wanted to have a MONOPOD PRO as flexible as possible in a simple and perfectly designed solution. The high quality 5-section pole can easily attach to any metallic surface with three POPEYE magnets. The attractive 500 g (1.1 lb) mat black COUNTERWEIGHT has an integrated slot for routing cables. In addition it has 4 different 1/4" angles of mounting point under it. The new tripod is designed with 3 possible positions: 2 in the open position and 1 in the closed position, folding upwards. It can be easily coupled with COUNTERWEIGHTS or POPEYES at the end of each leg.
The Monopod
  • black aluminium
  • 5 sections
  • open with counterweight and tripod: 166 cm / 65 in
  • on top ¼” male thread, with grip rubber
  • on the bottom, ¼” female thread
  • on the side, 1x fixed ¼” female for side mounting
  • on the side, 1x rotating ¼” female, second for side mounting
  • close anti pinch rubbers when closing
  • pole length closed: 41 cm / 16.14 in
  • pole open: 157 cm / 61.81 in
The Counterweight
  • Finish matt black
  • 500 g
  • on top ¼” male thread, with grip rubber
  • on the bottom, ¼” female thread
  • extra 3, ¼” female thread for incline of 10°/25°/45°
  • on the bottom, ¼” female thread, with grip rubber
  • slot for cable passage
The Tripod
  • black
  • on top ¼” male thread, with grip rubber
  • on bottom ¼” female thread, for mounting counterweight to lower the center of gravity
  • 2 opened positions
  • 1 closed position, legs folding upwards
  • 1 compact closing upwards position
  • 3 rubber feet
  • each feet have ¼” female thread, for mounting flat with magnetic Popeye
  • on the side, 2x fixed ¼” female for side mounting.
The Case
  • a dedicated hard bag for Bushman Monopod Pro accessories
  • including 3 pockets available for adding Popeye (Popeyes NOT included )
  • side pocket for cables and 360° camera

The 5 section Monopod pro has been made to be in a compact design and easy to use.

  • Closed: It is absolutely compact and fits with the Counterweight + Tripod in your backpack.
  • Open: Its has an optimal length, as it opens at more than the human height Point Of View (POV).
  • 2 Side mounting: In addition it has two 1/4" points offering you unprecedented mounting, directly on the pole itself. This give you total freedom for fixing the pole on the side with 2 Monkey Clamp or Two Popeye magnetic bases.
  • We have added little red rings to avoid pinching your fingers when closing the 5 sections.

This makes it totally flexible to fit all circumstances. Capture incredible moments with the perfect pole length for any situation.

Stability first

Avoid the traumatic experience of your expensive camera crashing to the ground because you didn't have counterweight on the bottom of your pole. This is an expensive rookie mistake.

  • Our matt black series Counterweight adds crucial balance to your setup. With a weight of 500g, it will limit the risk of tipping over your camera.
  • We have designed it with 4 mounting points. The classic center on axe mounting and the multiple incline angles: 10, 25, 45° points.
  • In addition we have added a slot for cable passage
  • The top and bottom features a red grip rubber to better hold on to your tripod.

These unparalleled features will allow you photography with optimal stability

The crucial tripod

The tripod is the base and essential element in this combo.

We have come up with 3 important details and features that make a difference.

  • When you are finished shooting you can fold the tripod upwards. Giving you a compact solution to pack in your bag.
  • At the end of each foot is a 1/4" thread, that make a world of a difference. You can mount 3 Popeye magnetic bases on them and have a them sit flat on your metal surface.
  • On each foot mount a combination of Clamps or/and magnetic base, fold the legs to fit the angle you need. With this opens a total freedom of your mounting possibilities.
  • Increase your stability by mounting a counterweight under and above the tripod. Or use it for adding a ground spike to the ground.

This makes your shooting options so much more flexible and easy to mount. Shoot anytime anywhere!

Unlimited mounting

Unleash Your Creative Potential. Our Monopod Pro will exceed all current mounting solutions on the market. With our 12 years of experience we have integrated so many details and 13 mounting points. To make your shooting options as flexible as possible.

  • Bender enables effortless changes in mounting direction.
  • Popeye provides magnetic attachment to metal surfaces. Explore new photographic horizons with this dynamic combination.
  • 7 mounting points on the tripod, for each possible case scenario.
  • 4 on the Counterweight, with different mounting inclines.
  • 2 side mounting on the Monopod itself.

All the options that you need have already been integrated, for you ready to use.

Explore new photographic horizons with this dynamic combination.

Bushman Monopod pro

Breathtaking Panoramas Anytime, anywhere!

From majestic landscapes to architectural marvels, create breathtaking panoramas that tell captivating stories.

Unlimited mounting!

Experience the unlimited mounting solutions that offer the Bushman Monopod Pro. Enhance your photography adventures by seamlessly integrating it with our Bender or Popeye solutions. Effortlessly change mounting options and take advantage of magnetic attachment on metal surfaces.

Pushing the boundaries

The most noticeable difference with is the advanced features and versatility of the Pro Tripod.

Just the fact that the tripod folds upwards is a major everyday advantage, as it makes this package easy to carry.

Combine this with the fact that you can mount with great ease other accessories to it, like the Bender Arms combined with a Monkey Clamp or the Popeye magnetic base. These never offered before details will offert you a great amount of mounting possibilities for your camera. You are not limited anymore to a basic ground standing mount.

Push your 360 boundaries and create outstanding shots.

Unrivaled stability

The Pro Black 500g Counterweight is a crucial element in your 360 stand. This will drastically avoid the typical camera crashing to the ground situation. This will bring you confidence in shooting in harsh outdoors enviroments. You will see that we have added a slot for the cable to run along the side of the counterweight if necessary. These elements will allow you to expand your shooting capabilities.

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Always on the go

The Bushman Monopod Pro is compact and easy to carry around. It too, was designed for 360° equipment in mind.

Inside it has a dedicated pockets for the Monopod, the Tripod and Counterweights.

With an addational pockets for the optional Popeye magnetic bases (sold in the Pro Bundle).

On the side you will be able to place your camera in a seperate pocket to keep the lenses away from harm.

Travel with complet confidence.

Anytime Anywhere!


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