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The new Bushman Monopod V2 for 360 cameras. More sections, more stable.

It is made of 5 sections of black anodize aluminium and extends to 154 cm, with a 1/4″ male thread on the top. It comes with a screw on counterweight, that can be removed.

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Bushman Panoramic was inspired by the harsh environment the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert face on a daily basis. The concept is based on the notion of providing an affordable, high-quality product, durable and easy to use.

— Gerald Blondy, CEO

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The Halo 360 Light is a very bright, high quality portable light. It is simple and very easy to use.

We have been designing it exactly for 360 shooting purposes. It is made of black anodised aluminium to increase heat dissipation.

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Bender is a 1/4" double ball head. Made for changing direction of your 360 camera mount.

On one side with a 1/4" male thread, and on the other a 1/4" female thread. Recommended for the Bushman Monopod's and Popeye's.

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