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Bushman POPEYE

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Size: 90mm
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POPEYE is a powerful magnetic base that is ideal to hold 360° cameras on our Bushman MONOPODS. POPEYE features a 1/4″ male thread and is covered in black rubber to protect the metal surface from scratches.

    • pull force: 42 kg / 92.5 lbs
    • covered in rubber
    • ideal for use with opened Bushman MONOPODS
    • diameter: 90 mm / 3.54 in
    • on the top: 1/4" male thread

    Magnetic force may vary depending on the mounting surface.

    Tip: for extra sensitive surfaces, place a piece of fabric between the POPEYE and the metal mounting surface.

    • weight: 260 g / 0.57 lb
    • temperature limit: 75°C / 167°F

    1 POPEYE


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