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Bushman BENDER

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BENDER is a 1/4″ double ball head that allows you to change the direction of your 360° camera mount. On one side you have a 1/4″ male thread, and on the other, a 1/4″ female thread.

Recommended accessory for the Bushman MONOPOD V2, MONOPOD PRO, POPEYE and MONKEY CLAMP.

  • made of anodized aluminium
  • length fully opened: 10 cm / 3.94 in
  • weight: 80 g / 2.82 oz
  • on the top: 1/4″ male thread
  • on the bottom: 1/4″ female thread


Twist and turn

This accessory is like having a magic wand for your 360° camera mount. With its 1/4" double ball head, you can twist and turn your setup in any direction you please.

Small but mighty

This handy little accessory makes it easy to get those tricky shots without the hassle. With its double head, you can adjust your camera to any position you need and attach other accessories too.


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