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  • GOBI

    76,50 €

    For DSLR and Mirrorless Strong, durable and incredibly light Bushman Panoramic head with great design, that would fit in your pocket.

  • KALAHARI - new

    KALAHARI - new
    395,00 €

    For DSLR - Foldable 580g YETTI Multiclick rotator and XTENSION-U arca compatible included. It has been 5 years since the KALAHARI has been released as our first head that we have offered. Today it has been boosted and pumped up with total new features and great ones.

  • SANDBUG - new

    SANDBUG - new
    320,00 €

    For Mirrorless - Foldable120 x 65 x 30mm / 252g  With mirrorless cameras having evolved to new sizes, lower weights and easy to use interfaces we at Bushman Panoramic found it essential to join the revolution. Introducing SANDBUG One of a kind panoramic head, not bigger then a smart phone.

  • Amarula VR

    Amarula VR
    245,00 €

    Bushman Amarula Tripod Durable carbon made tripod with possibility of transition to monopod. Fits our COREPOLES 2 years international warranty.

  • Eben VR

    Eben VR

    Обычная цена: 126,00 €

    Special Price 120,00 €

    Bushman Tripod Eben Light aluminium made tripod with possibility of transition to monopod. Fits our COREPOLES  2 years international warranty.

  • Yetti Multiclick

    Yetti Multiclick
    126,00 €

    Multiclick Yetti A compact, lightweight multiclick rotator offering you 5 possible clicks: 8, 12, 15, 18, 24 plus free rotate at anytime.