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NEW – The HALO BRACKET BUNDLE for two HALO 360 LIGHTS. Here is your chance to have this amazing bundle at the best price! This offer will not last long! Thanks to the HALO BRACKET BUNDLE you can use the 2 included HALO 360 LIGHTS above and under your camera for better controlled diffused light.

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Double Halo
  • 2 units of Halo lights
  • Double the power
  • control of the top and bottom light for natural lighting
  • Charging cables
The Bracket
  • 1 invisible bracket designed for the 2 Halo lights
  • on top ¼” male thread
  • on the bottom, ¼” female thread
  • In between a 1/4" male thread for your 360 camera
  • Other side mounting threads for accessories
  • Adjustable height
  • Anti-slip red O-rings on the top and bottom
The Package
  • Black padded Bushman Panoramic bag
  • 3 dedicated comparments to protect the Halo lights and Bracket.
  • 1 zipper netted pocket for the cables and other accessories.
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Bushman Panoramic quality
"Invisible" Bracket

"Invisible" is just a marketing stunt. It basically means that the bracket is really well designed obviously and thin. So, as a result, it is not visible between the two 180° lenses of your 360° camera. Thin and slick!

In addition, the height of the bracket is adjustable allowing you to fit different cameras between the bracket.

Profesional solution

You will take control over any dark environments in a couple clicks. We have generously packed all the tools and parts needed for this.

With 12 years of experience in 360 we know that easy setup is crutial. You don't always have time to setup and you need results. The best and only solution is this one.

360° Settings

With our experience we know what works. We know exactly what features are necessary.

  • 1 Halo above your camera and 1 Halo under.
  • On / Off
  • Light tempreture 2800 / 3600 / 5300°F
  • 5 power settings

Bushman Monopod pro

Breathtaking Panoramas Anytime, anywhere!

From majestic landscapes to architectural marvels, create breathtaking panoramas that tell captivating stories.

Out of the Box

Out of the box, you have a complet solution. This will give you full control of the light in dark environments.

The double light solution will give you a more natural light. With 1 Halo light above your camera and 1 Halo right under it.

The bracket is invisible and hidden right between the 2 lenses. Even on small camera.

"Invisible" Bracket

The 400g stainless steel Counterweight is a crucial element in your 360 stand. This will drastically avoid the typical camera crashing to the ground situation. It will bring you confidence in shooting.

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Traveling and Protection

In order to travel without fear of damaging your quipement, we have created a dedicated travel bag.

  • Pocket for each Halo light
  • Pocket for the Bracket
  • Pocket for the cables and accessories
  • a handle to carry it around

The bag has soft material inside and you will feel confident in storing your double Halo light's inside.

Adjustable Bracket

The bracket is a crucial element. In order to be able to fit most cameras, it has been made adjustable in height.

It is recommended to use the bracket fully open. Here is why:

  • The Halo's footprint on the top will be smaller
  • Even so slightly, the light will be better diffused and more natural
  • If you would like to add other equipment, it is possible.


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