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  • 360 BUNDLE v2

    360 BUNDLE v2

    Precio regular: 249,20 €

    Special Price 229,00 €

    In stock 2 years international warranty.

  • Kalahari v2

    Kalahari v2
    225,00 €

    Condition - B 12 months warranty


    199,00 €

    Condition - A 12 months warranty contact: information@bushman-panoramic.com

  • GOBI head only

    GOBI head only
    65,00 €

    Condition - A 6 months warranty


    33,06 €

    The new XTENSION M is our quick release plate that is compatible with Manfrotto equipement. Ideal when using both brands. It will fit both your DSLR's and compact mirrorless cameras. It fits all of our panoramic heads. 2 years international warranty.


    395,00 €

    For DSLR - Foldable 580g YETTI Multiclick rotator and XTENSION-U arca compatible included. It has been 5 years since the KALAHARI has been released as our first head that we have offered. Today it has been boosted and pumped up with total new features and great ones.

  • Bushman Pole v1

    Bushman Pole v1
    89,00 €

    The Bushman Panoramic carbon fiber selfie pole. Made of 4 sections of interlaced carbon. It extends to 120cm, with a 1/4" male thread on the top, and a 3/8" female thread on the bottom. This is the perfect solution for your 360° with such cameras as the Theta. 2 years international warranty.

  • GOBI v 2

    GOBI v 2
    237,00 €

    For DSLR and Mirrorless Strong, durable and incredibly light Bushman Panoramic head with great design, that would fit in your pocket.

  • Rail Stops

    Rail Stops
    9,92 €

    Rail stop are used to keep your setting on you panoramic heads. Compatible for KALAHARI and GOBI panoramic head. A pair of rail stops, an allen wrench and two screws in one package.

Artículos 1 a 9 de 15 totales

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