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Become Bushman Panoramic Affiliate

Do you want to make money with the panoramic prodiucts of the highest quality and the best price? Become affiliated with Bushman Panoramic.


How to become an affiliate

To become an affiliate, you have to have an account created. How to do this? Well, it's very simple. 

First you have to locate the link at the very top and very left of our e-shop page saying: MY ACCOUNT.


Finding MY ACCOUNT link on the web page.






By clicking on the link, you will appear at our REGISTER or LOG IN page. 

If you have created your account with us sometime before, for example when you were shopping, then there is no need for you to create a new acount for becoming an affiliate. You can use the right side of this page and comfortly login to your current account.

If on the other hand, you have never created an account with us before, you would be interested in the left side of the page, saying: CREATE AN ACCOUNT.


Finding the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button.













After clicking the button you will appear here:


Creating New Account.
















Fill in all the information needed and then hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom right.

After submitting your information, the system will take you right to your account.


Newly created account

















Notice, in the left menu, there is a link which sais: AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Go ahead and click that.

You will be taken to the Affiliate Programs menu, where you can check your affiliate earnings summary, download reports, sign up for our affiliate campaigns and withdraw your earned moneyz :).