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Screws & adaptors

4 шт.

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  • Rail Stops

    Rail Stops
    9,92 €

    Rail stop are used to keep your setting on you panoramic heads. Compatible for KALAHARI and GOBI panoramic head. A pair of rail stops, an allen wrench and two screws in one package.

  • Female Adaptor

    Female Adaptor
    2,50 €

    This stainless steel screw is to be used to change your rotators from 3/8" to 1/4" thread. 1 peice per package

  • Male Adaptor

    Male Adaptor
    4,70 €

    This stainless steel screw is to be used on all our tripod and poles. 2 years international warranty.

  • Camera Screw

    Camera Screw
    4,50 €

    Stainless camera screw. 1 piece per package.

4 шт.

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