About Bushman Panoramic


Bushman Panoramic was inspired by the harsh environment the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert face on a daily basis. The concept is based on the notion of providing an affordable, high-quality product, durable and easy to use. We have thus created a complete range of innovative panoramic heads, of which Kalahari is the first.

— Gerald Blondy, CEO

Quality is our top priority

We work directly with our suppliers to ensure excellence in our products. Each item is carefully checked prior to shipment. We provide our clients with expertise based on field experience. A human scale - a controlled number of practical and original products, with simple, pure lines.


Bushman Panoramic is situated in the small town of Krnov, Czech Republic, in the heart of a region known traditionally for industrial engineering and technology, an area where the knowledge and know-how needed to achieve products of high precision can easily be found.